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About the Company

The values of Golden Lily Creations reflect who we are and what we stand for as a company.

Customer Commitment: We strive to create positive, meaningful relationships with our customers and their loved ones through our products and service. 

Quality: Each custom creation is thoughtfully crafted and made specifically for the person you have in mind. We stand by our exceptional creations.

Integrity: We exhibit honesty and integrity at all times. 

Good Citizenship: Founded through the spirit of giving back to the community and helping others, Golden Lily Creations often utilizes the talents of the company owner to create special products to raise funds for local organizations and disaster relief.  

Family: Our company is designed to support our family as well as your family through the joy we will bring to you and yours as well as the stress we can help take away from your busy lives.  

About the Owner

Barbara Molina is a natural caregiver with a truly creative mind, and both qualities in combination with an entrepreneurial spirit has given birth to Golden Lily Creations.

In addition to caring for her family including her husband, Manuel, and daughter, Giavanna, Barbara extends her warmth and loving touch to all through her committed friendship and unyielding service to her community.  In 1998 at the young age of 14-years-old, Barbara began giving back to her community through the Texas Parks and Wildlife education and outreach program, continued serving by offering her talents in an underprivileged community as a volunteer teacher’s assistant where she ensured struggling students would not fall behind, and she even offered her time as a paramedic. Through her works and personal life, Barbara has always had the gift of putting smiles on people’s faces, and her dream is to give her customers an opportunity to do the same through Golden Lily Creations.

It is with personal experiences both joyful and sorrowful that Barbara has had the opportunity to employ her unique creative abilities. She has the great gift of understanding the person she is designing for, and she uses this talent and consideration of her customer to integrate each unique personality into her creativity to meet their needs as fully as possible.  Her extensive experience, versatile graphic design abilities, and eye for detail allow her to accomplish expertly designed products. Barbara is even known to experiment with scents, colors, and textures in all aspects of design to create something completely unique and push the boundaries of her design abilities while always sticking to her core design goals and values.

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